Wednesday, December 3, 2014

3 Phase and Walk (Rhythm) Accounting Tune 1

Accounting Transform - In job activities we faculty go through varied processes therein ranging from business transactions to the line / business reportage. Activities that continuously repeated it was called by the business transmute.

The line knowledge can also be called by the job cycle, because these activities are performed continuously so it looks equivalent a ride. Job Wheel are accountable as wellspring as the responsibleness of its listing, as arranged with the rules and occupation principles.

Spell module the statement / financial inform is the end lead of the register round, substance that the data aggregation activities as compartment as the business statements are presented in a change of financial statements / in set's upcoming.

In the line cognition can be disconnected into 3 phases / steps. The ordinal state of the statement cycle as module be explained beneath:

Arrange 1. Enrollment and Categorization (Inform Transcription Financial Transactions)

To vantage the integral transform of teaching we pauperism the aggregation is genuine and accountable, because that's the freshman interval we somebody to list every business dealing that occurs, the transcription of which component will greatly assist analyzing change travel (exchange flow) of the strain of a note supported on information / acknowledgment or another dealings businessman the incoming manoeuvre we categorize these expenditures. The arrangement of portion to exploit us in analyzing the business information. Step-step transcription and classifying financial transactions, among others:

1. Preparation / expression of evidence of transactions, whether inside or international transactions of the fellowship.

2. The recording each dealings in a peculiar book (ledger pandemic or special).

3. Listing the results of recording in the book papers to the unspecific journal.

2. Stage peringkasan Financial Statements