Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Global Management? What is that?

When we see today is the management has undergone major shifts. And we should not forget the past because it is part of the present and the future.

So when we see companies are faced with the choice of dealing with a global market or to choose death.manajemen keuangan

For it then peruahaan will be forced to reduce its cost structure radically with planning return and reduce the various initiatives that increase the cost of the structure, processes, and products (Rhinesmith, 2001).

For that companies need to have employees who can serve the local market as well global markets. Now we also have to have to redefine the function of the manager. Which used to be only "govern and supervise" now added to "coach" for all employees in order to compete.

For that managers need to have a number of ideas, ideas, strategies and methods that can help other people to be able to condition the culture change. Also needed in recruitment, career development, motivation techniques, and others in order to meet the needs of the company.

In an excerpt from, explaining to become a manager can become a global manager.strategi pemasaran

global management
a manager should be a role model (image: Google)

When we see now with the ASEAN free market, the competition will be tougher again. So it can be said that only organizations or countries that superior, efficient, have access to and control of the network that can compete and can survive.

This makes us anxious tetntunya, because at this time the competitiveness and openness in Indonesia is still low. For that Indonesia should be able to clean up to be able to survive and compete with other countries.

In the competition of businesses not only need strength and kelemehan itself, but also need to take advantage of opportunities and to be able to override the impending threat.

So that the competitiveness and success, the company will know where to position its quality will mempu to exist in the arena of ASEAN. Well one must have competitiveness is the manager.

The manager has a duty to manage the resources owned by a company in order to achieve all the goals that have been ditetaplan from the beginning. Which beruapa human resources, raw materials, capital, equipment, methods or leadership, and also information.

Which of these resources should be managed properly and optimally so that the value of the company increases. A manager is also expected to be able to know how closely the company level.

Which if competition is tight, managers are expected to more closely manage the resource that belongs to the company, its use should also be efficient and sustainable.

When Where business environment is changing rapidly, the company should also be more flexible so it can adapt quickly in a relatively short time to change.

In a company like it needed a manager in accordance with very strict conditions of competition. Therefore, managers are expected to have flexibility characteristics.cara membuat instagram

What is meant by flexible is adaptive and efficient resource memanfaatlkan. And must have the global insight and supported by mengusai process of decision making, interpersonal relations, and global setting.

If we see then a manager will have a role as interpersonal roles, informational roles and decision roles. For that information will be invaluable to our business.

For that managers must be able to adapt to all the available information. Where now we can use the development of information technology and make it as a solution slah binis competitiveness for us.

It is proven that by using information technology will have a power-managed by utilizing information technology will have a powerful competitive edge.

Many explanations about the global management may be useful for all of us. Thank you for reading our article. See you at our other articles.