Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Want Lecturer Reliable? Management Guru trick

Guru is a noble job and good. In this profession to teach the nation's children to be smart. Therefore a teacher must have a good management so that he successfully teach a lesson to their students.

This is in accordance with , the management of these teachers are not starting from a person to be a teacher but starting from before he became a teacher (starting from Pre-service).

As a teacher management process consists of several stages, including planning, selection, training process, as well as the development, performance evaluation and promotion process and the process of dismissal or retirement.contoh laporan keuangan

Teacher planning is very important, things like that can not be separated from the changed view of human resources. When labor where it used to be regarded as a fact of production, but is now regarded as a partner to achieve organizational goals.

Well planning begins with analasis employment, it contains descriptions of teachers and job specifications. Labor groups about education gave recommendation to ensure that candidates meet the criteria are direkut as a teacher.

Selection is dilakukakn only to applicants who meet the requirements specified. For the selection of prospective teachers adapted to the existing formation and educational background.pengertian akuntansi

management Guru
success begins degan good management (image: Google)

Well to obtain the necessary bekualitas teacher selection based on the test in the form of a competency test as well as psycho.

Well subsequent management is the assessment and evaluation. Basically every year teachers will receive ratings from the principal. The goal is as an ingredient pertimbanag negari objective in fostering civil servants.

For this evaluation should be conducted in a fair, to be able to get a boost achievement and teacher professional attitude. Training is also needed for improving achievement. While the development is intended to improve the performance and for the foreseeable future.

Well to its own evaluation is needed for the implementation of training and development will tersu improved. And required in order to modify the training of lending dilakuakan effective in improving teacher performance.cara membuat instagram