Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Traditional management, Meaning?

On Today's business development is increasing in order to meet the needs of the community. Which can be seen from many new companies as well as the quality of the products has favored the public.siklus akuntansi

Which at its inception the company we would regard a profit as the main objective. So that would justify all the way to profit

And when we see that the profits are not the result of one party, but the work of many people who make the company's products favored by the public. Which the product quality, attractive and relatively affordable price.

For that it is necessary to have good cooperation. Well to obtain a good product it is also necessary to good management is also in the running mnajemen functions of planning, organizing, directing and solve problems. And one of them is the traditional management.

In accordance with a quote from, traditional management is a manager to be able to solve problems based on their actions in the past, or it can be said to follow the tradition that has been running before.

Which in this system has a structure in accordance with the level of the division level positions we commonly call the pyramids,

Top Management, the people who have responsibility for the success of the mission of an organization.
Midle Management, is a flagship policy liaison with the purposes of the upper level lower level leaders.
Lower Management, which directly handles operational tasks and therefore they require more skill and skills.cara membuat email

These traditional management systems manager is deemed crucial as those in a position to maintain the status quo and control his subordinates to comply with the rules previously set.

Traditional management
selasaikan your duty as soon as possible (image: Google)

Nah improvement paradigm itself has a lot to change pandanag against pearan of the manager.

The present role of the manager is to challenge the status quo in order to get improvement objectives that have a strategic nature, which is also the manager can consistently fulfilling their existing systems in order to meet the demands of today.

The working draft of the traditional management, namely:

Significant difference of thinking and doing the job.
The manager and staff aides have responsibilities in order to determine the workers' duties, procedures and methods for the implementation of the work, detailing the mechanism of action, determine the steps to be taken, as well as rules that must be obeyed.
It is not included in the job description submitted to the leader.
Employees should seek advice from a leader in responding to the problems connected with work.peluang usaha

Rigid employment relationship between the member with the boss.
The working relationship between members is also controlled by strictly by the rules, formal and controlled and also tight.
The mechanism of labor relations and accountability is the obligation of superiors, while members are expected memetuhi existing rules.
The theory developed in this traditional management are:

HR is considered as a production function is very useful for productivity.
SDM is also considered to have much negative nature
Money is the main reason for someone to work
Now when we see from the definition, then the system is less suitable and effective for use, this is because of the level of structure that higher the position the man who can organize and give orders to his subordinates.

This inhibits and also the dissolution of ideas from subordinates, and subordinate only obey orders from superiors. It resulted in a subordinate relationship with a boss who is rigid, sanagt is also dangerous for the company itself.

Thus the traditional explanation of management, may be useful for all ita. See you in the next article.